How to create a Shortcut That enables Standard Users to run Applications as Administrator

Creating a shortcut

If you want to know how to allow a standard user to be able to run any application with an admin privilege without requesting a password this article will show you the steps to take in achieving this. It is very simple to create a shortcut that uses the runas command with /savecred which is used to save the credentials. But using this command runas /savecred can expose your system to security issues because the standard user will be able to carry out the same operations as an administrator, so you have to be careful using this command.

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Create Administrator Shortcut for Standard Users

Furthermore, Let us enable the built-in Administrator account which is always disabled by default. Right-click the Command Prompt and click run as administrator. run the following command in case you don’t have an admin account: net user administrator /active:yes

Standard Users
Net User

After performing this action, enable the Administrator account and set up a password via Control Panel. In addition, click manage another account and set up your password.

Run applications as administrator
Manage Accounts

Nonetheless, let us create a shortcut that will launch the application with Administrator privileges. Right-click on the desktop page and click New and select Shortcut.

User access control

Enter the below command into the box that will open next:

runas /user:ComputerName\Administrator /savecred “enter your program location here

The ComputerName is the name of your computer and also enter the location or path to the program.

Creating Shortcut

Enter the name you will use for the shortcut.

Naming the shortcut

When you click on the shortcut the prompt will open and you enter your Administrator password.

Entering Admin Password

After completing the above the standard user account will be able to run any application as Administrator without entering a password.

I hope you found this blog post on How to create a Shortcut That enables Standard Users to run Applications as Administrator very interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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