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VMware Tech Showcase

The VMware Tech Showcase program was launched in order to ensure VMware, its customers and partners to work closely together on our latest innovative technology offerings. The goal is to enable customers to try out and provide feedback on new services before deployment (delivered into production). Here are some exciting articles: Why you should attend VeeamOn 2023, how to install Windows Server 2022 on VMware Workstation, and how to Fix EFI network timeout on VMware Workstation.

Furthermore, the VMware Tech Showcase will focus on early customer engagement with the latest technologies, products, and solutions offered by VMware, a leading company in virtualization and cloud computing software. The primary focus of this program is to ensure alignment with the customer needs and in turn, help VMware shape their direction for the services. The image below shows how VMware Showcase differs from other free tiered.

VMware Showcase
How Showcase differs from other free-tired

What is a VMware Tech Showcase “Service”?

Before deeply immersing ourselves in this topic. There are some terms associated with VMware showcase, that I would like you to familiarize yourself with. The first of which is, what is a techshow service?

A ‘service’ within the VMware tech Showcase program is an offering that has little or minimal dependencies on other VMware products or solutions.

You could also refer to it as a SaaS offering, with minimal or no downloadable components.

Lastly, service is geared towards providing enhanced customer experience by leveraging telemetry, in-product support and continuous customer feedback.

For some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), kindly head over to this link for more information.

What information does Showcase need to improve our service?

Showcase will rely on questionnaires that will include your opinion on the product and telemetry to better understand user interactions with Showcase services.

This data will be used to make improved decisions and improve the user experience.

With telemetry, VMware will be able to identify how you are using the product is working and how you are using it. By capturing these telemetry data points, Vmware aims to gain insights into user behaviour, identify technical issues, optimize performance, understand user paths and interactions, ensure compatibility, and gather user feedback effectively.

You will agree with me that, with the above information, VMware will be able to make informed decisions to enhance the user experience of its cloud infrastructure services.

You may like these. Focus on Tasks: Limit Distraction on Windows. Also see Diagnostics & Feedback: Windows Settings and Group Policy.

Note: According to VMware, they do not collect personally identifiable information (PII). This includes names, addresses, or contact details through telemetry data collection.

Therefore, user privacy is not compromised. 

The sole focus is to understand user behaviour and to improve the overall performance and usability of VMware cloud infrastructure services.

Available Showcase Services

At the time of writing this article. Below are the services that are currently available.

  • The project “Project Keswick” was introduced last year at VMware Explore. The xLabs team in the Office of the CTO introduced VMware Project Keswick. This project will help simplify edge workloads and device management by bringing zero-touch provisioning and GitOps best practices to your edge flee.

    If you would like to venture into edge deployment? Here is your chance. This remarkable project efficiently deploys, manages, and sustains containerized applications seamlessly. Harness the power of Git as a single source of truth to manage your infrastructure and applications declaratively, automating your deployment process.
  • The second on the list is “Project Trinidad”. It is a modern application runtime security solution that applies Machine Learning to East-West HTTP traffic between micro-services in Kubernetes applications. Here is a complete guide on Project Trinidad.

    I am pretty sure everyone prioritizes API security. This cutting-edge approach will facilitate rapid detection and quarantine of anomalous activities, ensuring the utmost security for your APIs.

Note: VMware plans to add more services in the future. Currently, the focus of Tech Showcase is on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products. This position might change in the future that may change to include on-premises products too.

How can I start using VMware Showcase?

As a VMware Partner or customer, please feel free to access the CSP portal and select “service”. You will need your VMware account or can create your VMware account on the fly as shown below.

Login to VMware CSP Portal

Click on Organisation. This requires an exclusive invitation at this time. You could also search for a specific service of your choice as shown below. You could also click on services and any of the relevant services.

Here is how to Fix the Remote Connection Issue: An Authentication Error Has Occurred with Code 0x80004005


Alternatively, you could start from the Showcase site, and select the service of your choice.

VMware showcase services

Note: Showcase services might not be avialble to use with other VMware prodcuts. The availability cannot be guaranteed and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis (for each service). The decision will be depended on numerous factors which includes customer interest.

What to expect: Future Growth Strategy

As VMware continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Anticipate the introduction of new services tailored to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) alongside our existing offerings. Exciting advancements await as VMware integrate cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experience with their products and services.

The showcase will feature live demonstrations of VMware’s latest products and solutions. It will highlight the latest innovations and trends in virtualization, cloud computing, and data centre management.

This program will provide opportunities to connect with VMware representatives, and partners as mentioned above. It will focus on success stories from companies that have implemented VMware solutions. Please see the Concept of DriveLock with a focus on Encryption.

Techshow Summary

Tech Showcase is a free program that will give you early access to products before they are released to the general public. See the steps on How to solve VMware workstation .lck error.

Having learned about the various program offerings, I will urge you to give it a chance. Below are some benefits of joining VMware Tech Showcase.

  • You will have early access to some of the exciting technological projects at VMware.
  • You will be able to fulfil your dream of wanting to be involved in the design and shaping of new services. This will be achieved by providing valuable input and feedback. You will find absolute fulfilment in doing this.
  • You will receive regular, ongoing updates on services being offered as part of Showcase.

I hope you found this blog post on VMware Tech Showcase program Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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