How to install Googler on a Linux System


The Googler command-line utility is used to open various movies, navigate to various URLs, and also to browse news. It is a robust open-source tool for performing Google searches, Googler is also Python-reliant, so before downloading it, check sure Python is up to date on your operating system. In this article, we shall be looking at how to install Googler on your Linux machine.

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Prerequisites for installing Googler on Linux

The following prerequisites are required in order to install Googler on Linux.

  1. A Linux machine especially Ubuntu ( the commands will work on any version from 18 and higher)
  2. Command line
  3. A user account with Sudo privileges.

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Approach 1: Installation using the default repository

Ubuntu’s default repository contains the Googler package; to verify this, we will use the command to see if the package is present there.

apt show googler
googler show

The information about the Googler package that is now available has been displayed; now, we will use the apt package manager to install the package:

sudo apt install googler -y
apt install googler

Use the following command to check the installed version of Googler:

googler --version
Googler version

Using the command: once you install the package, we will use Googler to search for “clear.” or even “hello world”

googler clear
search result for the word “clear”

Use the following command to access the Googler manual to learn more about how to use Googler:

man googler
man googler

Use the following command to delete Googler from Ubuntu:

 sudo apt purge googler -y

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Approach 2: Install from Snapcraft

Googler can also be installed on Ubuntu by downloading the package as a snap from the Snapcraft store. We’ll use the following command to achieve this:

 sudo snap install googler
installed from snap store

Using the snap utility, delete Googler:

sudo snap remove googler

Running the command successfully removed googler


Summary: How to install Googler on a Linux System

Googler is Google’s command-line utility for searching for websites as well as browsing videos and news. You can learn how t install and use googler by following the steps laid out in the article.

I hope you found this blog post helpful on how to install Googler on a Linux System. Please let me know in the comment session if you have any questions.

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