How to disable the Windows welcome screen and shutdown screen

Windows welcome screen

The Custom Logon feature can be used to configure Windows 10 Welcome screen and shutdown screen. Here are some possibilities that custom logon offers. To restrain the Welcome screen user interface and provide a custom logon user interface and also to restrain the Blocked Shutdown Resolver (BSDR) screen and automatically end applications while the OS waits for applications to close before a shutdown. Kindly refer to these guides: How to install RSAT tools: DNS manager console missing from RSAT tools on Windows 10, and how to install RSAT on Windows 10 via Windows features

Steps:  Using Control Panel:
- In the Search the web and Windows field, 
- Type Turn Windows features on or off.
shutdown screen

In the Windows Features window
– Expand the Device Lockdown node, and
– Select or clear the checkbox for Custom Logon.

Custom Logon settings do not modify the credential behavior of Winlogon. Therefore, you can use any credential provider that is compatible with Windows 10 to provide a custom sign-in experience for your device.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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