How to install Windows Admin Center (WAC) in an unattended mode using a self-signed certificate


Windows Admin Center is your remote management tool for Windows Server running anywhere–physical, virtual, on-premises, in Azure, or in a hosted environment–at no additional cost. See the following links for “How to setup Windows Admin Center and also how to troubleshoot Windows Admin Center (WAC) access from the Web. For more on Windows Admin Center, please visit this link. If you would like to install, uninstall and upgrade your applications using Windows Package Manager “Chocolatey”, please see the following articles “How to install Chocolatey” and “How to install, upgrade and uninstall software with Chocolatey“. You may also be interested in Winglet, which is also a Windows Package manager “Winglet”. See how to install Winglet and how to install applications with Winglet CLI. You can choose to remove the log switch as shown below.

msiexec /i WindowsAdminCenter1910.msi /qn /L*v c:MsiExec-output.txt SME_PORT=443 SSL_CERTIFICATE_OPTION=generate

See the following link to get a full understanding of what the syntax (commands) above does.

SSL certificate usage, run the following command to install the Windows Admin Center with an existing certificate

msiexec /i <WindowsAdminCenterInstallerName>.msi /qn /L*v log.txt SME_PORT=<port> SME_THUMBPRINT=<thumbprint> SSL_CERTIFICATE_OPTION=installed

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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