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Scan Apple Calendar: Prevent Norton from scanning your Apple Calendar on iOS

Norton iOS Calender

Apple Calendar also referred to as the iCal is a built-in calendar application for macOS, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and watchOS (Apple Watch). It enables you to manage schedules, events, appointments, reminders etc. In this short article, you will learn how to Prevent Norton from scanning your Apple Calendar on iOS. Please see Can’t connect via RDP upon installing Norton 360, how to Download and install Norton 360 Anti-Virus on your Mac device, and how to restore accidentally deleted calendars, bookmarks, files, or contacts from iCloud.

If you detect the high rates of false positives are getting higher, then you can follow the steps discussed below to disable this service. It is worth pointing out that scanning your calendar for potential threats can help prevent the inadvertent introduction of malicious code through calendar invitations.

Also, if you sync your calendar across different platforms or devices, scanning your calendar can help prevent the spread of malware from one platform to another. See how to Sync Google Calendar events to Apple Calendar.

Why would you exclude Apple Calender from Antivirus Scan?

Excluding Apple Calendar from being scanned by an antivirus solution could be due to some of these reasons. Oftentimes, due to false positives. Antivirus software can flag legitimate iCals as harmful. Excluding known and trusted calendar apps can reduce the chances of these false alarms.

Other reasons could be that you do not want to disrupt or interfere with the functionality of critical applications like Apple Calendar. Excluding Apple Calendar from scans can help ensure they continue to work reliably without antivirus interference

Disable Norton from Scanning Calendars

To do this, navigate to Settings and search or scroll to Norton 360 as shown below.

Toggle the Calendars button to disable if this is what you wish to do 🙂

As you can see from the Norton App, under security, setup is required for “Secure Calendar”. This is all you need to do.

You may want to see How to Share Microsoft Outlook Calendar on Desktop and on Web, and how to configure Windows LAPS Management with Microsoft Intune.

Scan your iOS Calendar

On my iOS device, I have set to scan my calendars. Here are the steps to manually scan your calendar.

Launch the Norton App and click on Secure Calendar to scan as shown below. In this case, I have already started the scan.

scan calendar

Norton Apple Calendar scan has started

Calendar Scan in progress
Scan Apple Calendar still in progress

As you can see below, the scan has been completed and there are no risky events.

Apple Calendar Scan completed

FAQs on Apple Calendars

Can I Access Apple Calendar on Different Devices?

Apple Calendar can be synchronized across all your Apple devices if you are signed in with the same Apple ID. Events and changes made on one device will be reflected on others.

Can Apple Calendar be synced with other Calendar platforms?

You can sync Apple Calendar with Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar. For instance, to do this with Microsoft Outlook, you would have to set up an Outlook account on your iOS. When you add your Outlook account, it will automatically sync your Outlook calendar to Apple Calendar etc.

Can I share an Apple Calendar event with users on other platforms?

You can share your Apple Calendar events with users on other platforms such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

I hope you found this blog post helpful on how to prevent Norton from scanning your Apple Calendar on iOS. Please let me know in the comment section if you have any questions.

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