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DriveLock Error: The server could not be reached or validated: Timeout expired. The Time out expired prior to obtaining a connection from the pool

The following error was prompted when starting the DriveLock Enterprise service. This usually happens when the connection pooling problems are related to “connection leaks.” The application did not close its database connections correctly and consistently.

There are different ways to fix this. For my specific environment, I was having connection issues with my DriveLock Enterprise Service (DES).

For me, a restart of the services as shown here did not solve my issue.

Solution: Restarted my DES server and this issue was cleared. This solution was optimal because it is a test enviornment. To solve this correctly, follow the steps below.

Increase Max Pool Size connection string parameter value. 
Another way to get extra connections is to clear one or all of the pools. (This i did by restarting the server) ;)
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