Connectivity to a writable domain controller from a node could not be determined because of an error: The distinguished name of the node could not be determined

Domain Controller Connectivity

Domain controllers are database servers with extensive directory, application, and replication features. You establish a server as a domain controller by installing the necessary binaries for the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and then configuring the services using the Active Directory Domain Services. Kindly refer to the following related guides: How to setup a cache-only DNS server, how to locate and edit the hosts file on Windows, how to install RSAT tools: DNS manager console missing from RSAT tools on Windows 10, how to setup SPF and TXT Records in AWS, how to add and verify a custom domain name to Azure Active Directory, Active Directory: How to Setup a Domain Controller, how to locate and edit the host file on macOS, and how to know when an IP or domain has been blacklisted.

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Answer: My environment prompted this error because the Domain Controller was unreachable. Ensure these errors are eliminated for a single node, else Microsoft Technical Support would not provide you support.

Node Connection Issues

As you can see below, the validation was completed successfully with a few warnings. One of which is to apply updates and reboot the node.

– Other possible issues: Check if the IP Settings of your DC etc.

In a Multi-Cluster Node: This is expected in multisite clusters and can be ignored. When you run a cluster validation test for your multi-site failover cluster. The test may fail at validating the Active Directory configuration with one of the following error messages:
Node Connectivity Error Distinguished Name Resolution Issue. An error prevented node HyperV. techdirectarchive. Local from determining connectivity to a writable domain controller. Furthermore, It couldn’t retrieve the domain controller name from the machine. HyperV.techdirectarchive.local.
– The site name of node HyperV.techdirectarchive.local could not be determined because of this error: Could not get domain controller name from machine HyperV.techdirectarchive.local.

Regardless of the errors, the cluster nodes can successfully communicate with some domain controller and form a failover cluster.

More Info: A node may face a Node Connectivity Error Distinguished Name Resolution Issue during cluster validation when choosing a domain controller. In Active Directory configuration validation, this domain controller points to all selected computers for validation. However, In a multi-site cluster scenario, computers may communicate only with local site domain controllers for network access. These computers cannot communicate with remote domain controllers.

  • In this scenario, a Node Connectivity Error Distinguished Name Resolution Issue disrupts communication with the selected domain controller, impacting cluster validation.
  • Moreover, If computers can communicate with a domain controller in the domain and domain controllers replicate successfully, your failover cluster remains unaffected.
In a multi-site cluster scenario, you can safely ignore the failed validation. Meanwhile, your failover cluster is still supported by Microsoft Technical Support.

I hope you found this blog post on Node Connectivity Error Distinguished Name Resolution Issue helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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