System check found some issues during MBAM encryption: Fail, the Power cable must be connected

System check found some issues during MBAM encryption: Fail, the Power cable must be connected

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a suite (portfolio) of technologies available to Software Assurance customers through an additional subscription. The following components are included in the MDOP suite: Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V), Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), Microsoft Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset (DaRT), and Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM). MBAM is an administrator interface used to manage BitLocker drive encryption. It allows you to configure your enterprise with the correct BitLocker encryption policy options. Also, it as well allows you monitor compliance with these policies.

In this article we are exploring some of the issues during MBAM encryption and how to resolve it. Kindly refer to these related guides: How to create and deliver a report on System Utilization on a Linux-based OS, how to determine why an MBAM protected device is non-compliant, how to deploy Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring Tool, and How to perform vulnerability scan on Microsoft SQL Server.

During the System check as shown below, MBAM could fail due to the following issues identified below: Fail, the Power cable must be connected as shown in the image below.

MBAM failing due to no Power Cable

How to Resolve the Encryption Issue

To resolve this issue, simply connected the power cable to the device and ensure the device is correctly charging. When this is done, MBAM will continue with the encryption of the device. You may also want to see how to resolve the following issue “waiting for auto-provisioning“.

Encryption ongoing

As you can see below, the encryption has succeeded. As such the keys are escrowed to the database with a compliant status on the reporting services. Kindly refer to these guides for more information on MBAM reports. How to create MBAM Enterprise and Compliance, and Recovery Audit reports, and MBAM reports cannot be accessed because it could not load folder contents.

Encryption successful

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I hope you found this blog post on how to resolve issues during MBAM encryption helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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