Configure Telegram to receive Blog Notifications


Telegram is one of the growing messenger apps that are incredibly fast, and powerful. Also, Telegram has no limits on the size of your media and chats. It has an open API that allows anyone to hook up their own apps with Telegram. In this article, we will show you how to configure Telegram to receive Blog Notifications. Here is a very similar guide on how to install Telegram Desktop App and integrate a WordPress site with WP Telegram. Here are some other interesting posts: How to remove a member from Trello Board, how to download a shared ZOOM recording, and Leave a Slack Workspace temporarily: How to deactivate a Slack workspace.

In order to reduce the number of plugins on my blog which is capable of slowing down your website due to bloated storage space, I have decided to enable Telegram Bot to receive blog notifications via Telegram

List of Telegram Bot Commands

Below is a list of commands you can interact with after adding a bot to a channel or group chat. We will be using the /follow URL in this article.

  • /follow [url] – This will follow the blog specified in the URL.
  • /unfollow [url] – This will unfollow the blog specified in the url. No more notifications of new posts will be sent.
  • /following – This will show a list of all blogs followed.
  • /reset – This stops following all blogs via the Telegram bot.

How to invite the JetpackWP Telegram Bot

To receive new post notifications thanks to the JetpackWP Telegram Bot. Kindly follow these steps to invite the bot to your channel. This can also be done in a group chat.

Tap the channel* or group chat name at the top of the screen, then click the three-dot (ellipses) in the upper right corner as shown below.


Click on Manage Channel


Click on Administrators on the Edit Channel Window as shown below.


Tap on Administrators and then Add Admin (for a group chat, click Add Members) and search “jetpackwp”.

Note: I will be removing the "Bot for WordPress Tegram and delete the plugin afterwards". Please see the end of this article for more information.

Click on Ok as we are fine promoting this bot as an Administrator.


Review what the bot can do as an admin, then click the save button. I am okay with the defaults as shown below.


On the list of Administrators, click on Close. Do not forget to click on Save again when prompted. Once the bot has admin access to the channel, it’s time to follow your blog (or any other Jetpack-powered blog that you’d like to follow in your channel).

To do this, type the following command as a new message in your channel or group chat /follow [URL]

/follow https://techdirectarhive.com

If you have followed all the steps to this stage, you have successfully configured Telegram Channel has been configured to start receiving blog notifications.

You will then receive a confirmation message saying you are following the blog.

Each time a new post is published on this blog, the link will be shared in the channel or group chat automatically as shown below.


Deactivate and Delete the Telegram Plugin since we have Configure Telegram to receive Blog Notifications


Now that the plugin has been deactivated, click on the “Delete” button as shown in the image above to have the plugin deleted.


I hope you found this blog post helpful. Now you have learned how to configure Telegram to receive Blog Notifications. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session

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