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How to fix Windows Task Scheduler 0x2 Error


Windows Task Scheduler allows you to create routine tasks in Windows. Task Scheduler does this by the criteria you have chosen. This is referred to as “triggers” and then executing the tasks when those criteria are met. Tasks can be scheduled to execute in response to these events, or triggers. If you wish to have your script run at a specified period of time or a specific number of times in Windows, you will have to create a scheduled task. In this article, you will learn how to fix Windows Task Scheduler 0x2 Error. Please refer to these related articles: How to use Systemd Timers on Linux, how to Run or Edit and Delete Tasks via Windows Task Scheduler, and How to determine the execution policy configured on Windows PC.

Note: The Task Scheduler Error 0x1 does not have anything to do with the following rights configured “Run with highest privileges”. This can be completely ignored in this case. The script (File not found) is a very explicit kind of error. Please see how to fix “DISM failed with error 0x800f081f: The source file could not be found, no operation was performed“.

Why was the 0x2 Error Prompted?

As you can see in the image below, the last run resulted in the error code “0x2”. This is because there was an error in the absolute path to the Python script argument field. See how to Fix Windows Task Scheduler Error 0x1.


Therefore, when you are faced with this error, it means the System cannot find the file specified. To fix this issue, double-check that there are no spaces/errors in the file path. Please see also how to create an Advanced Windows Scheduled Task, and Microsoft Management Console: How to fix Windows Task Scheduler Service Greyed Out in Services MMC.

The solution to fixing 0x2 Error

As mentioned above, the error 0x2 is usually associated with “file not found”. With this in mind, please verify that the path to the Python script is correct. In my case, I moved the script to a different folder and there was a typo which resulted in this error.

I will not be showing you the steps to launch the Windows Task Scheduler. Here is an article on it: Run Python Script via Windows Task Scheduler. I highly recommend you see Task Scheduler Errors and Success Codes: What does the Error Code 0x41301 Mean?

On the Action Pane,  ensure the program/script path is correct, and also the "add Argument (optional)" field as shown below.

When this is done, run the code again. The error will no longer be present and it will end with the success code 0x0. In other words, the operation was completed successfully. Please see this exciting article: How to monitor Windows server backup via PowerShell script. And how to fix the operator or administrator has refused the request (Error 0x800710E0)

I hope you found this blog post helpful on how to fix Windows Task Scheduler 0x2 Error. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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