Configuring WatchGuard WebCenter

Note: When WatchGuard log server, management or report server is installed, Watchguard WebCenter is automatically installed.

WatchGuard WebCenter tool is a web-based user interface that includes these tools for viewing logs and reports:

Log Manager
Report Manager
CA Manager

And this enables log messages to appear local time of the client PC.

Note: If you decide to implement watchguard log server alone, the associated log manager appears in the WebCenter and reports cannot be generated
as the report manager menu would not be available.

You can optionally configure WebCenter to enable users view log messages. These messages are converted to reports
that can easily be reviewed for the security need.

Note: These reports are “Available reports” which are (configured to run at a specific time) and “On-demand Reports” which can be generated at any point in time.
– And these settings are all configured in the watchguard firebox or XTM environment.
– And to enable users view these reports they must first be added to watchguard server center users page and the reports that are being made available (appears on the Web-UI)
are the ones you want to make available.
– For further permissions in restricting which users are allowed to see certain menu, use the WebCenter role-based administration.
– Ensure to enable JavaScript for Chrome, Internet explorer and Safari.

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