Error When importing an OVA file to AWS “client error: saved empty is empty”

This is one of the problems i ran into while importing an Ova File to AWS.


1. Use AWS license type AWS instead of BYOD

Yeah, if you import an image with “–license-type AWS”, AWS will activate windows by using their KMS every time server boots up. This is completed by ec2config service or ec2launch(2016). See check logs to find how Ec2WindowsActivate plugin works. To change this behaviour, please modify config.xml of ec2config.

If you import an image with “–license-type BYOL”, AWS ec2config or ec2launch will ignore windows activation which makes you need to have your own licenses.

Note: Also, you can imagine AWS hourly rate gonna be higher than BYOL because AWS is paying licenses.

2. The grub system may not be supported 

3. The OS version is not supported.

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