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How to download and use the NirSorf WakeonLan tool

Wake on LAN
Wake on LAN

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is a feature that allows a computer to be turned on remotely. NirSorf Wake-on-LAN is a free, open-source tool that provides a simple interface for sending WoL packets to one or more networked computers. It’s designed to work on Windows and can be run from the command line or through a graphical user interface. NirSorf Wake-on-LAN supports multiple Wake-on-LAN protocols and provides options for customizing the packets sent, allowing users to wake specific systems in their network. Additionally, the tool can be used to schedule wake-up events and wake multiple systems simultaneously, making it an efficient tool for system administrators and IT professionals. In this guide, you will learn how to download and use the NirSorf WakeonLan tool.

Other similar tools to NirSorf Wake-on-LAN include ManageEngine OpUtils, WakeUp 1.01, Despicus WOL GUI and MatCode MC-WOL. These tools offer similar functionality and allow users to remotely wake computers on a network.

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System Requirements And Limitations

– If the “Send The Wake-on-LAN Packet To…” option is set to “Broadcast Address,” the Wake-Up feature on some Windows 10/8 systems will not function. Set this option to “Broadcast Address According to IP Address” if you are experiencing this issue.

– WakeMeOnLan is compatible with all Windows versions, including x64 versions of Windows, dating back to Windows 2000 and up to Windows 10.

– On the remote computer: Only if this feature is supported and turned on on the remote computer will WakeMeOnLan be able to turn the computer on. Recognize that the Wake-on-LAN feature is limited to wired networks. There is no support for wireless networks. To make the remote computer’s Wake-on-LAN feature active:

  • You might need to enable this feature in the BIOS setup on some computers.
  • You should activate the Wake-on-LAN feature in the network card properties by selecting the “Power Management” and/or “Advanced” tabs of the network adapter.

Steps on how to download and use the NirSorf WakeonLan tool

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install and use NirSorf Wake-on-LAN on your Windows computer.

Step 1: Download NirSorf Wake-on-LAN

To get started, visit the NirSoft website and download the NirSorf Wake-on-LAN tool. After the download is complete, extract the ZIP file to a location on your computer.

Step 2: Run NirSorf Wake-on-LAN

Navigate to the extracted NirSorf Wake-on-LAN folder and double-click the WakeOnLan.exe file.

WakeMeOnLan.exe file
WakeMeOnLan.exe file

This will launch the graphical user interface of the tool.

NirSorf Wake-on-LAN interface
NirSorf Wake-on-LAN interface

Step 3: Configure the Tool

Once NirSorf Wake-on-LAN is open, you’ll need to configure it for use on your network. To do this, click on the “Options” button in the main window and select “Send The Wake-on-LAN packet To”.

Configure Wake-on-LAN
Configure Wake-on-LAN

In the options dialog, you can specify the network interface you want to use and configure the broadcast address for your network.

Step 4: Wake a Computer

To wake a computer, click the “Add” button in the main window under the File tab, or just press “Ctrl+N”.

Add new computer to your list
Add new computer to your list

This will bring up a dialog where you can enter the name, IP address, and MAC address of the computer you want to wake.

Enter computer details
Enter computer details

After entering the information, click the “OK” button to save the computer’s information.

Step 5: Send a Wake-up Packet

To send a wake-up packet to the computer, simply select the computer in the list and click the “Wake Up” button.

Send Wake-on-LAN to computer
Send Wake-on-LAN to computer

You should see a confirmation message indicating that the packet has been sent.


That’s all you need to know to get started with NirSorf Wake-on-LAN on Windows. With its simple interface and powerful features, this tool makes it easy to remotely wake computers on your network.

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